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Safe Parking Using the BMW Remote Park Assist

This feature would also be able to increase the car’s child safety features. BMW cars can be reversed or locked in place from its parking position using the driver monitoring pedestrian traffic. With this, the risk of reversing and bumping into children is reduced.  Vehicle guidance is being controlled by pressing a button on the remote key and the car moves at 2.5 km/hour. Smart sensors control the movement and these are assisted by a special mirror mounted in the garage. The sensors detect hurdles and prevent the car from hitting them, thus reducing the damage on BMW auto parts. In order to enable this, we of course have to know where the vehicle is positioned relative to the garage. To this end, there is a camera mounted on the windscreen pointing ahead at the garage. On the back wall of the garage we attach a so-called “ventricular reflector”. This ventricular reflector gives us two pieces of information: firstly the distance of the vehicle from the back wall. If the camera sees the reflector in small size, this means it is a long way. If the camera sees the reflector in large size, this simply means that the vehicle is near the wall. Secondly you have a very clear view of the angle at which the camera is pointing at the reflector since there is a black line moving backwards and forwards. So you have two pieces of information – the size of the reflector and the angle relative to the back wall. Now the position of the vehicle is known and I can define the trajectories for the vehicle to move completely automatically into the garage. Of course, what else do I need to control the whole operation? It has to be possible to control the engine and transmission electronically; I have to be able to operate the brake electronically from the vehicle and of course the accelerator too. But that’s all the systems I need so as to be able to have the vehicle drive into the garage completely automatically.”

Easy and Economical Ways to Customize Your BMW

Automobiles are essentially built to serve a purpose, to facilitate transport from one point to another. However, for most people, a car is more than just a machine but a work of art as well. A BMW commands respect in the automotive world. It is because the BMW experience elevates driving to the level of pure pleasure. A good look at any BMW and anyone can understand why these vehicles have captured the hearts and minds of many car lovers through the years. BMW is always forward-looking in its designs.  The possibilities are endless as to what appearance your BMW can take. It is only limited by the imagination. Thus, you can introduce a sharper and sportier image to your BMW by installing a new set of good-looking Hubcaps. They are easy to find in the auto parts market and there are dozens of design options. Hubcaps and wheels are common auto products available in auto parts stores. If you are looking for the right hubcap and wheel cover for your BMW, then the easiest and fastest way to shop for one is by visiting an online auto parts supplier. Be sure to purchase BMW parts only from reliable and trusted auto parts suppliers. They also have wide array of BMW tail lights and BMW Alatza lights. Their BMW rims, BMW hubcaps and BMW wheels are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Inner Auto Parts is entirely committed to quality, and this is evident in the BMW parts available at their site. Now, customizing your BMW’s looks is easy and economical using BMW Hubcaps and wheels from Inner Auto Parts jeep grand cherokee car cover.

How Satellite Radio BMW Integration Has Revolutionized Radio Reception

Whether you drive into the city from the suburbs for your day on the job, or you travel across the country in your car, a BMW makes the trip much more pleasurable. Its smooth ride and sleek good looks are why drivers keep coming back to this popular automotive company. Anyone who has done long distance travel in their cars knows what a drag it is to just be enjoying some music or talk on the radio, only to find yourself driving out of the station’s range and losing the signal entirely. Satellite radio changes all that. The radio signal, instead of being sent from a nearby translator, travels to a satellite in outer space, and returns to earth. You might think that the sound quality would be horrible because of the distance being covered, but the opposite is true: digital quality music comes pouring out of your car’s radio. One of the satellite broadcasters is Sirius satellite radio. BMW Sirius makes any road trip more fun. Instead of just a handful of stations that your radio’s receiver can pick up as your traverse the country, you will have access to hundreds of stations by using satellite radio. Allowing for the rotation of the planet Earth, the particular placement of the satellites are such in order to provide continual coverage for its users in the United States. Signals are sent to the satellite, which then sends it back to Earth and your waiting radio receiver. The antenna that is used to pick up Sirius satellite radio consists of an antenna and a receiver. The antenna picks up the signals from the satellite, cleans up the signals and then sends them on to the receiver. The receiver then converts the signals into a radio frequency that you can hear.

 On a long cross-country trip. With a satellite radio BMW audio package, no matter where you are in the United States, you will never be out of touch with your best-loved audio entertainment. Everybody loves the iPod. From this tiny device smaller than a deck of cards comes a behemoth of storage and playback potential. With that kind of amassing of songs, you will never run out of your favorites. Even better, did you know that if you are a BMW owner that you can play your iPod through you car’s stereo system? An iPod for BMW use is completely possible with the application of an iPod kit that includes an adapter. In your BMW, iPod cables connect the iPod to the adapter, and another cable connects the adapter to your auto stereo system’s CD changer and thus to your radio. When you consider your iPod, in BMW style, it caps off an already great ride and moves it to the next level of fun. This is the model that has video capabilities, a bright display and the music search function. While the first to fifth generation iPods rely on built-in hard drives, the iPod Mini uses Micro drives, and the iPod Neon and iPod Shuffle use Flash memory. The flash memory reduces the physical size of the unit, which makes it even more convenient to take with you, but it also reduces the storage capacity held therein. No matter which iPod you own, you need a way to keep the entire vast store of data held on it organized. ITunes was created with just that function in mind. IPods allow you to categorize your music into playlists. When in use with your iPod, your playlist can play the songs you select in sequence, or if you want some more variety and spontaneity, the songs can play in random order. The advantage of the playlists is that you can, in advance, pick out the songs you want to listen to during a particular time while in your vehicle, all without constant interaction from you as you are driving. If you are a commuter, it can get a little hectic sometimes, and on occasion tempers can flare out on the freeway. You can set yourself up, however, to arrive at work in a calm attitude when you select peaceful songs to listen to as you drive. A BMW ipod adaptor makes it easy to set the atmosphere you want anytime you drive your car.

Study Shows That BMW Drivers Are the Most Aggressive and Hated by Other Motorists – True or False?

A hood is someone who drives a car in an anti-social manner according to his society, and this includes but is not limited to practices such as over-speeding, disregarding traffic rules, intimidating other drivers and driving noisily or dangerously. There are even countries with special ‘anti-hood laws’ such as Australia, where there is the Hoon Boating and Other Amendments Act 2009 of the State of Victoria, and a Bill passed in 2004 allows the Western Australia Police to impound cars whose drivers were found to engage in such practices. It is therefore clear that being a victim of honing is such an abhorred experience by most motorists, and when VoucherCodesPro conducted a research of 2,837 U.K motorists, BMW drivers were pointed out to be the most aggressive, topping the list that also comprised drivers of Land Rovers, Audis, Subaru’s and Vauxhalls. In this case, blue BMW’s made the largest number followed by black ones. The research did not just focus on elements such as over-speeding and dangerous driving but also on who were the most and least likely motorists to indulge in road rage, and the findings were that men between ages 35-50 were most likely to be angry drivers while women between 17-25 years were the least likely to get upset. In an interview, researcher Paul K. Puff of the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California told New York Times that fancy cars were less likely to stop to allow pedestrians to pass, adding that BMW drivers were the worst. When Car Throttle, a British media platform for car enthusiasts conducted a similar research entailing 7,500 respondents, BMW drivers topped as the most disliked ones at 41%, followed by Audi at 13%, Honda at 10%, and Mercedes at 6% and Toyota drawing with Ford at 4%. On the bottom side, Dodge, Subaru, Land Rover and Holden tied at 2%, with Volvo, Nissan, Peugeot, Jeep and Mazda finishing equally at 1%. Mitsubishi drivers emerged to be the most respected, coming in at 0%. This study is complemented by a 2008 campaign by Audi regarding the stereotypes behind Lexus, Mercedes, Audi and BMW, and it labeled BMW owners as “techno music lovers, inconsiderate and arrogant”. So where is all this leading?

In 2012, former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond said this of BMW after driving the F30 320d: “their cars are not about cutting edge, brand new technology, breaking new ground and pushing things further but about doing what’s already known and doing it extremely well.” I have personally been with a BMW M5 V10 alongside a Mercedes C63 AMG V8 and I can attest to Hammond’s statement. Are all these reports therefore simply inaccurate or overstated? Perhaps there could be a side to this that hasn’t been addressed. In 2011, Market Research World, a leader in consumer insight and research conducted a poll in which BMW owners claimed to prefer ‘a fast, punchy style of driving’. Some respondents even claimed that it was not their fault but that the car demands to be driven hard. With this in mind, thus, is it not logical to say that all the studies above are accurate and BMWs are topping the lists for all the wrong reasons because the people driving them are ambitious, excited, conceited and somehow carefree? What, in any case, is to be expected when you give a car that demands to be driven hard to someone with a rough driving style? Well, in a different study, TrueAccident.com reveals that BMWs cause fewer fatalities than Audis, Toyotas, Fiats and Fords. Don’t worry then the next time you see a blue BMW before you, for though it may stop when you least expect and change lanes without indicating, there is really no cause for alarm.

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